Ubisoft games are back on Steam – and that’s great news for the Steam Deck

Ubisoft games are returning to Steam, starting with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which will be available in early December.

As Eurogamer reports, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is set to launch on Steam on December 6th, after only being available on the Epic Games Store (and Ubisoft’s own store).

We Found 3 Ninja Air Fryer Alternatives—And They’re All For Sale

If you’re looking for a Ninja air fryer, or any air fryer for that matter, you’re probably finding the search quite tricky to keep up with, as these countertop appliances are proving to be more popular than ever.

With this year’s Black Friday deals (opens in new tab) now the event is in full swing, it’s no surprise that our Black Friday deep fryer deals (opens in new tab) are (also) becoming popular with readers. Air fryers really hit the headlines in 2022 with realistic promises that they can save you half the cooking time on food and therefore save you a good buck on your energy bills (not forgetting to mention that they are a healthy way to bake, dehydrate, bake and more).

Nvidia’s plan for low-end GPUs doesn’t involve the RTX 4060

Nvidia is set to phase out the older, slower variant of its RTX 3060 Ti graphics card and will only sell the newer 3060 Ti with faster graphics memory, if the rumor is to be believed – with potential ramifications for the GPU Team Green’s mid-range strategy and the RTX 4060 (we’ll come back to that).

First, let’s look at the rumor itself, which comes from a regular source of speculation in China, MyDrivers (opens in new tab) (as signaled by VideoCardz (opens in new tab)🇧🇷 The source claims that third-party graphics card makers are now in the process of gradually – but surely – getting rid of the original, slower version of the 3060 Ti.

Get the Garmin Fenix ​​7 for the cheapest price ever at Walmart Black Friday deals

The Garmin Fenix ​​7 hasn’t been out for a year yet, but it’s already getting discounts. Typically, the watch is priced at $699.99, with its solar charging and 7X larger editions coming in significantly more expensive again. Nonetheless, is now attractively priced at $599.99 (opens in new tab) at the Walmart Black Friday sales event, its lowest price ever. 🇧🇷Not in the US? Scroll down for more Garmin Fenix ​​7 deals in your region🇧🇷

It’s an amazing fitness watch and worthy of being picked up in the Garmin Black Friday deals. It has a 1.3-inch always-on display, all the smart features found in Garmin’s premium watches (including body battery and the new training readiness scores). It’s also rugged enough to withstand any adventure you can throw at it and boasts up to 40 days of battery life. In our Garmin Fenix ​​7 review, we gave it four and a half stars, making this watch a solid choice.

Check out the full deal below, or browse the rest of the Black Friday deals here.

Get the Garmin Fenix ​​7 deal here:

Amazon has gone a step further. For just $5 extra, it includes the Garmin Fenix ​​7 with a selection of accessories.

Why get this Garmin deal?

We weren’t expecting any kind of significant discount on the Garmin Fenix ​​7 because it just came out this year, and current models don’t normally get big price cuts: this tends to be reserved for older models, as they’re undercut to make room for this year’s crop.

However, this is deal season, and Black Friday smartwatch deals often mean great price reductions where you least expect it. The triple-digit discount on the Garmin Fenix ​​7 puts it right in the price range of other slightly more mid-range watches in Garmin’s stable, like the Forerunner 955. Even the fan-favorite Forerunner 955 Solar fetches around 24 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, so it fails to measure the Fenix ​​7’s incredible staying power.

Scroll down to see more Black Friday deals in the US and UK.

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Spotify wants to help novice podcasters sound like pros

Spotify is helping amateur hosts clean up their audio with a new background noise reduction tool in the Anchor podcast app.

The feature is called Audio Enhancement, which takes the form of a new button on Anchor’s recording screen. According to the ad (opens in new tab), all you have to do is record a podcast as normal, and when you’re listening to the audio, tap the button to drown out background noise, which also brings your voice to the foreground. Audio enhancement can be turned on and off during playback, so you can toggle to compare the two. despite what view video tips in (opens in new tab)you can use a pair of headphones with a microphone to record if you don’t want to hold your phone to your face.

Good – for beginners

Meta is finally trying to protect teens from ‘suspicious adults’ on Instagram and Facebook

In an effort to better protect underage users, Meta is adjusting default privacy settings on Facebook and Instagram to limit contact from “suspicious adults”.

Now, whenever a teenager logs into Facebook, their account will automatically have tighter privacy protections. This includes, but is not limited to, deciding who can see your friends list, which pages they follow, and who is allowed to comment on your posts. For accounts created prior to this update, Metastates (opens in new tab) it will start forcing those users to adopt those same settings, but it won’t force you. If this all sounds familiar, it’s because Instagram has implemented very similar changes in 2021 to protect the young people there.

power to the user

Get 3 months free with IPVanish’s Black Friday VPN killer deal

‘It’s money-saving season – and yet another one of the best VPN services has dropped an incredible Black Friday VPN Deal🇧🇷 This time it’s IPVanish’s turn, and it’s worth paying attention to.

Available until November 30th, IPVanish offers 3 months free with its 1-year plan. This works on a excellent $3.19 per month (opens in new tab), which is great value compared to most other short term plans out there. For those who don’t want to be locked into a multi-year contract, this will be very attractive.

Black Friday deals are set to make foldable phones popular

Not surprisingly, smartphones are a hot buy item on the Black Friday Deals. That’s a fact borne out in a recent study by the Consumer Trade Association (the nonprofit that brings you CES), which found that a smartphone is the number one gift adults want to receive this year. But then things get interesting.

Of the 50% of respondents planning to buy one of the best smartphones this holiday season, 30% of these generous people are planning to gift someone a foldable phone.

This could be the time for foldable phones – Black Friday, when they join everything from AirPods to air fryers as must-haves – and Samsung, the current leader in foldable devices, is prepared, along with its retail partners, to deliver some decent Black Friday foldable phone deals.

Samsung’s two newest foldable handsets are juggling numerous Black Friday sales.

In the US (if you’re in the UK, you’ll find deals just below), the cute and very portable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is $150 off (opens in new tab) at the Samsung store, and that’s paired with a trade-in offer of up to $600. In other words, if you thought you’d have to drop $999.99 for this Android 13 handset, you’ll be pleased to know you can get it for only $249.

If you’ve got your eye on the more powerful and significantly larger Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, then you can wait. save $400 on amazon (opens in new tab)🇧🇷 This is a slightly less attractive deal because it’s not clear if you can combine any trades, but it drops the price to $1,399 for the 256GB model.

The UK folding deals are a little different and perhaps a little less attractive. Instead of losing weight, you get a free Galaxy Tab (opens in new tab) when purchasing a Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Galaxy Z Fold 4 from John Lewis.

Black Friday deals Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4

Which Samsung Galaxy Z foldable is right for you?

If I had to pick which foldable phone could be the big winner this Black Friday, I’d pick the clamshell-style Z Flip 4. In his review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, our Senior Phone Editor Alex Walker-Todd said, “Samsung hasn’t reinvented its clamshell-style foldable, but the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 does everything necessary for the company to keep his folding crown.”

The problem, though, is that foldables are slow to break into the mainstream. Samsung will tell you that it is sold 10 million foldables since the launch of the category in 2019, but ‘shipped’ does not equal sold. This could be why finding a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Samsung Galaxy Z Fold in the wild is as rare as Elon Musk admitting he made a mistake.

What stopped people from adopting these versatile devices en masse? It could be the price, as both devices start at the higher end of the spectrum. On the other hand, there have been solid deals on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 since they were released earlier this year; nobody pays full price for these devices, and Samsung knows it.

(Image credit: Future / Alex Walker-Todd)

Maybe it’s their size. Foldable phones are, in their default state, folded, significantly thicker than just about any non-foldable smartphone. It could also be that nobody knows exactly what they would do with one of these devices.

On the plus side, there’s the ‘cool’ factor. I know I have fun taking one of Samsung’s Galaxy Z phones out of my pocket while I’m sitting on the train, slowly unfolding it and watching the people sitting around me give me sidelong glances.

Coolness aside, I don’t think most people realize how much more productive it is to have a phone-sized device that can transform into a real tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which I reviewed in August, offers a massive 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display and even accepts stylus input. That extra screen real estate is useful for multitasking with multiple apps on one screen, a feat difficult to manage on smaller screens and basically impossible on an iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, on the other hand, isn’t just cute. You can unfold it halfway, place it on the table and use it as a hands-free camera or a really handy videoconferencing screen.

If the CTA study I mentioned earlier is correct, then I might not need to convince you to buy a foldable phone for yourself or a friend. But on the other hand…

There was another data point that the CTA shared with me that caught my attention. While smartphones are the number one gadget on most people’s holiday shopping lists, smartphones are only the fourth most likely product people are planning to give away.

So if you really want that foldable one, you better start planting some tips now.

Should I buy the Roborock S4 Max?

If you want to buy a new robot vacuum cleaner to buy online, you might come across the S4 Max and wonder ‘Is it worth spending?🇧🇷 As a hard-working member of the Roborock family, the S4 Max robot vacuum has been on our wish list for some time due to its excellent picking performance and great value price. We’ve explored several of the best vacuum cleaners for 2022, and the Roborock S4 Max is a name that comes up again and again, and for good reason.

Although Roborock has updated its lineup with the Q5 series, you can still find the S4 Max robot cleaner available online, priced as attractively as the robot cleaner’s specs themselves.

LG’s new ‘invisible’ speakers could revolutionize car audio

LG Display has unveiled an innovative new “invisible” speaker technology for cars, featuring a flat-panel system that can be easily placed in car headrests and dashboard.

Developed to directly replace the traditional car speakers by the South Korean technological giant, the Thin actuator sound solution (opens in new tab) The system eliminates the protruding voice coils, cones and magnets found in most loudspeakers and instead uses a film-like exciter membrane.